Birdie Level Participant Bobby gets a lesson on Facebook Live!

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On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, Birdie Level Participant Bobby received a Facebook Live Lesson from 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year and host of Golf Channel’s School of Golf, Martin Hall.  Below, Bobby highlights his experience from Martin Hall followed by the video of Bobby’s Facebook Live Lesson.

Gripping the Game of Golf for a Better Performance

Golf for me isn’t just a game, but rather a building block for success in life. Everyone in the game of golf can always improve their swing, their drive and overall performance. I constantly learn new ways to improve my performance and attitude as I grow with the game golf. When The First Tee of Central Florida and the Golf Channel provided me an opportunity to appear on their Golf Academy segment with School of Golf professional instructor Martin Hall, I was thrilled! I knew this was my opportunity to learn how to improve my game using my wedges.

In their first Livestream on Facebook, Martin Hall first examined my swing by capturing a video image on his phone that he was able to refer to and focus on my club face. What I learned was why my club face was closed. The answer to my question was simple, my grip. He helped improve my grip by placing my thumb more forward on the club. The results were proven effective immediately because when he asked me to swing with the corrected grip, the ball flight was straighter.

His advice to me when correcting my grip was, “it should feel uncomfortable at first” because it takes time to form a good habit. As he said this, I thought about life and changing bad habits in my swing and how changes can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but with time can prove effective.

Mr. Hall definitely knows the game of golf and I was honored to have been able to learn from the best. It was also amazing to have been in their new studio and be able to take a tour admiring autographs from the greatest players in golf who had visited the Golf Channel.  I was able to meet some very friendly staff and former Big Break champion, Blair O’Neal.

Not only was this a new experience for the Golf Channel and myself using Livestream on Facebook, but a learning opportunity to use on the golf course in the future because using social media as a tutorial means is quick and accessible for anyone wanting to share their technique or to be able to refer to as a resource. Representing the First Tee of Central Florida has been a hole-in-one experience!

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