Why Golf is the Perfect, Safe Sport for Your Child this Fall

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Why Golf is the Perfect, Safe Sport for Your Child this Fall

We know that lots of youth sports organizations are cancelling their fall seasons, but rest assured that First Tee – Central Florida is the perfect answer! Because golf is an individual sport, we have the ability to socially distance to ensure maximum safety. This means we can be outside, be around other people, and get some great exercise! Pair that with the life skills and character education lessons revolving around our Nine Core Values and we’ve got the perfect answer in today’s crazy world!

Ability to Socially Distance: Since golf can be played alone- we’re able to space our kids out appropriately to practice their golf skills, but still send them encouraging air high fives from 6 feet apart!

New Policies and Procedures: The safety of our participants, coaches, and volunteers is of the utmost importance to us. All coaches and volunteers are required to wear masks, and participants are encouraged to as well. No equipment will be shared among equipment, and any borrowed equipment will be properly sanitized. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available as well. Some of their favorite golf games to play with others (like sharks and minnows) may look slightly different- but will still be just as fun!

Exercise and the Outdoors: Golf is a great way to get your child moving outside. We start our classes with a dynamic warm up to get your child’s body ready to hit the ball as hard as they can!

Limits Screen Time: We know your children have been having a lot of screen time recently. Golf is a great way to get them to look away from their phones, tablets, computers, and more. Whether it’s the 60-90 minutes of class time, or when they go out to practice by themselves, there’s no time for screens on the course!

Return to a Sense of “Normal”: Whether they’re returning to class with us, or brand new. Having a weekly activity will help establish a routine with your child and give them a sense of normalcy.

Resilience and Character Building: Our golf class is centered around our core values and building character- just what everyone needs right now. This pandemic may seem frustrating- but if a child can persevere through hitting out of the bunker, having bad holes, or going out of bounds, they can do anything! Our lessons focus on giving them the inner-strength to move forward, aim better, and finish stronger than the last time- in golf and life.

Check out this clip from News Channel 6 for more on why golf is a great sport for your kids this season!

Classes will start the week of September 21, 2020, meet once a week, and continue for 9 weeks. Ready to get in on the fun? Register today to secure your spot! If you have questions or concerns, please contact jsteinbauer@thefirstteecfl.org.

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